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Monday 29 November 2010

Monday Mourning ~ The Symbolism of Grapes

The Symbolism of Grapes

Haverhill, Suffolk 

Treasured Memories of
Charles William Parmenter
who died Oct. 19th 1941
aged 20 years
also Brenda Mary his beloved wife
who died Sept. 29th 1941
aged 20 years
God's Will Be Done

Grapes are a representation of the Eucharistic wine and are therefore a symbol of Christ's blood.
The Catholic Church teaches that the bread and wine, through transubtantiation, become the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ - the whole of Christ - when consecrated.
The Precious Blood Prayer:
May the most Precious Blood which flowed from the most Holy wounds of our loving Lord Jesus pour over us, to wash, cleanse, purify, heal, guide and protect us from all evil, harm, sickness and bless and make us as Holy as we can be. We ask this in the Holy name of Jesus and through His most Precious Blood and His most Holy wounds. Amen 

Cambridge City Cemetery

of your Charity
pray for the repose of the souls of
Michael Nugent Arnold
who departed this life Sept. 8th 1927
aged 64 years
on whose soul sweet Jesus have mercy
and also of
Florence Jane Arnold
Dearly loved wife of the above
who died on Oct 29 1954
aged 82 years
out of the depths I have cried to thee O Lord

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