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Thursday 30 May 2013

A Modern Druid Burial

Erected to the Memory of
Bro. George William Manley P.P.G.A
Died July 11th 1935 Aged 90 Years
By the Ancient Order of Druids, Mercia No. 4
'A Gentleman and a Druid'

When I saw this in Warstone Cemetery, Birmingham at the weekend, I was taken by surprise as I have never seen the final resting place of a modern day Druid. It reminded me of the Dolmen we recently saw in France.

I believe that 'P.P.G.A' after George's name stands for the position held within the movement to be that of Past Grand Arch.

Close up of the signs of the Zodiac on this monument.

For more information on the Ancient Order of Druids click the bold type.

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Wednesday's Child

Notre Petite ~ Our Little
1937 ~ 1948

Urbain Margnes

Monday 27 May 2013

Monday Mourning ~ Mausoleum Meltdown

Roughly translated this notice announces: 
Not withstanding the ravages of time, this Sepulchre has deteriorated. Which appears to be left abandoned. A procedure of reprise is engaged. If you wish to preserve it, please present the Town Hall for action to be taken.

I sure hope that someone does present a petition to save this mausoleum.

Friday 24 May 2013

Friday's Funerary Symbols ~ Grim Reaper Scythes

The Scythes on this mausoleum in the village of Saint~Cirq~Lapopie, represents the cuttting of mortal ties with the land of the living, as the Souls of the recently deceased are harvested by the Grim Reaper.

Inside the mausoleum

The beautifully detailed Winged Hourglass on the lower half of the door depicts the swift passage of time.

Here's another pair of Scythes, this time from Cahors Cemetery, France.

Thursday 23 May 2013

Commemoration Funeral Bier

To Mark the Coronation of
This Bier is Provided for Use in the
Parishes of St.Germans, St.Peters and
St.Mary the Virgin
Wiggenhall 1911
And is the Property of the Joint Parishes

By the main door in the Parish church of Wiggenhall St.Mary Magdalen, stands the Funeral Bier that was purchased to commerate the Coronation of king George V. This bier would have been used by the three Parishes of Wiggenhall to transport coffins on their final journey from the deceased's residence to the Church.

Click here for more information on St. Mary Magdalene Church

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Prehistoric Burial Tombs ~ Dolmen of Lot, France

Dolmen du Lac d'Aurie, Limogne~en~Quercy, Lot, France

A few weeks ago we visited the Lot region of France, and as all good taphophiles do, we visited not only the regular cemeteries whilst there, but also a couple of Prehistoric burials sites too.
The Dolmen in this region come from the Neolithic period 4500 to 2000 years BC. and there are quite a few of them in the area. The dolmen are thought to be burial chambers or tombs as human remains have been found inside and are often accompanied by burial artifacts which have been scientifically dated.

Dolmen de Martignes, Figeac, Lot, France 

Click here for more Dolmen of the Lot region

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