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Thursday 30 May 2013

A Modern Druid Burial

Erected to the Memory of
Bro. George William Manley P.P.G.A
Died July 11th 1935 Aged 90 Years
By the Ancient Order of Druids, Mercia No. 4
'A Gentleman and a Druid'

When I saw this in Warstone Cemetery, Birmingham at the weekend, I was taken by surprise as I have never seen the final resting place of a modern day Druid. It reminded me of the Dolmen we recently saw in France.

I believe that 'P.P.G.A' after George's name stands for the position held within the movement to be that of Past Grand Arch.

Close up of the signs of the Zodiac on this monument.

For more information on the Ancient Order of Druids click the bold type.

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