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Tuesday 23 November 2010

Circus Director's Masoleum

The masoleum of Circus Director Oscar Carré 1846-1911, was designed in the neo-classical style by Ross and Vuyk in 1891. It was built for his first wife Amalia Salamonski who died in May 1891. Oscar himself died in 1911 on a tour through Denmark in Copenhagen. But because the masouleum was not prepared for him, his body was buried for a year in the Great Church of Copenhagen before arriving in it's final resting place inside the masoleum.
The floors and walls of the interior have decorative motifs and a marble bust of Amalia Salamonski, by Henri J. Teixeira de Mattos. 

The Butterflies that adorn the tops of the Columns, represent Resurrection.

Oscar Carre and Edith Maud Adams-Carre

Oscar Carré founded of the famous Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam and even though the theatre has progressed from a Circus Arena to a world renowned theatre, a main attraction is still the annual Christmas Circus.

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