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Monday 22 November 2010

Monday Mourning ~ The Symbolism of Poppies

Because of it's connection with the narcotic properties of opium, the Poppy is asscoiated with Sleep and Death, as seen here in the garland around this ladies head. The red colour of the Poppy has also been connected to Christ's Passion and used to symbolise blood and death.
The Broken Column that she leans upon for support is symbolic of the end of life, especially when that has been cut short. In the mid 1800's, it became the most popular of mortality symbolise, due to its visual impact.
The Wreath she holds is circular in shape and is seen as a common symbol of eternity. It appears to be made of berries, rather than the more usual Laurel leaves that symbolise Immortailty and Victory over death.    

Zorgvlied, Netherlands

More Poppies, but this time from Venice, Italy

San Michele

St. Leonards, Bedfordshire

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