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Friday 18 June 2010

House in the Cemetery

My local cemetery ( Saffron Walden, Essex, England ) is only a stone's throw away and quite recently the residence that is within the cemetery grounds came up for sale to the public.
The cemetery was established in 1834 and the Gothic style property would originally have been the accommodation for the Cemetery Superintendant.
In 1974 the property was put up for sale by the Local council who owned it, where it was then bought and became a private residential home.

The recent selling price was originally £350,000, but dropped to £250,000 as it was in a poor state and needed total renovation work done to retore it to its former glory.
Its rooms are very small and so several rambling wooden lean-tos had been added over time to the back of the property to afford more living space. These have now been removed and restoration work is under way.
With only the absolute basic amenities of electricty and water,what the property lacked in facilities, it more than makes up for in character and atomsphere.

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