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Wednesday 22 December 2010

Wednesday's Children

Sacred to the Memory of
? William Erswell
aged 11 months
? William Erswell
aged 9 months
Edgar Enoch Erswell
aged 8 years
who are interred in the churchyard of this parish
also of ? 

I didn't want to disturb the snow and spoil the scene, and so I shall have to come back and discover the identities of the other Erswell children after the thaw.

I also noticed how the reflective quality of the snow made the reading of some of the other stones, much easier, a bit like using tinfoil to illuminate from below.
In addition to which, snow makes a really handy wipe for inscriptions - I was able to find out the name of the mother of 'Little Johnny' in a recent Wednesday's child post, that I had been unable to see at the time - that post has since been amended.


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