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Friday 10 December 2010

Friday's Funerary Art ~ Ceramics

Wil Oliemans
7-4-1947  15-3-2003

I love these ceramics butterflies, as they look quite cheerful in a place that is not often associated with joy .........
The modern part of Zorgvlied cemetery in Amsterdam, has many graves such as this one, where it appears that the grieving are reminded of the 'life' of their loved ones, rather than a place that generally represents their sense of sorrow and loss. I think that it makes Zorgvlied a more welcoming place for the visitor and it appears to offer an opportunity to reflect upon the pleasant aspects of life that they may have shared together instead.

I also liked the idea that in time when the lease on this plot has expired, the butterflys could be removed and passed down to the surviving family members to be used in a decorative way, unlike a traditional headstone that is only ever used for it's sole purpose and cannot be re-cycled.

The Butterfly's funerary symbolism, relates to it's three stages of life. With the caterpillar representing 'life', the chrysalis is for 'death' and the butterfly is ultimately 'resurrection'.


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