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Monday 18 April 2011

Monday Morning's ~ Mausoleum

The Ongley Family purchased the Old Warden Estate in 1700 from the Bolingbroke Family. They owned Old Warden Park until 1872 when it was sold to Joseph Shuttleworth. This family's mausoleum was built in 1790 with space for 42, however from 1790 to 1877, only 10 were interred here. Family memorials are in St. Leonards Church.

This monument rests on the plinth with dedication shown below

Near this place is desposited the remains of
Sr. Samuel Ongley Kt.
Who by his indefatigable Industy acquir'd a very plentifull Estate,
was charitable to the Poor, and very bountifull
to his Relations, was free from Pride and Ostentation,
always easy of Access, a kind Neighbour, a sincere Friend
and delighted in doing good offices to all Mankind.
he was formerly a director of the East India and the first
Deputy Govenour of the South Sea Companys, and at his
death being Govenour to three Hospitals, was a Liberall
Benefactor to each: he serv'd his Country impartially as
member of Parliment for Maidstone in the County of Kent 
(his native place) Who for his good Services received the
Honour of Knighthood.
He departed this life the 25th day of August 1726
in the 80th year of his Age

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