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Friday 29 April 2011

Friday's Funerary Symbols ~ Sundials

All Saints, Gt. Chesterford, Essex

St.Mary's, Garthorpe, Leicestershire

St.Peter and St. Pauls, Aldeburgh, Suffolk

The Sundial symbolises the fleeting passage of time, in much the same way as the symbol of the hourglass does.
It also reminds us of of Psalm 97 v 11 'Light shines on the righteous'. With the sunlight being seen as basking in God's love and blessings.

Shame that the names and dates on the sundials above were so badly worn as to make them unreadable.
The sundial below, was not being used as an individual headstone, but was in the garden of remembrance, for the interment of ashes at Stotfold Cemetery.

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