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Sunday 3 April 2011

The Door Finally Closes

Whilst watching 'The Tudors' tv programme last night, I had one of those moments, when the penny finally drops and you make one of those connections, that has always been there.
I knew of our small towns links to other well~known Historical figures ~ some of them at least. 
But I had not associated the 'Howard' name, on this particular Vault, to the historical characters portrayed in the programme about King Henry VIII's dynasty. 

It was only because of the episode featuring Henry's sixth wife, 'Catherine Howard', that stirred my old brain cells into action and made me think, 'Well I wonder?'. 
It had been the date on the vault that had thrown me, and caused me to initially think that it was a more recent tomb.      

This Entrance
To The Howard Vault
Was Closed A.D. 1860

You can see from the differing stone work and it's colour that the Howard family vault of St. Mary's Church, Saffron Walden, had its door way closed and sealed for the final time in 1860.

The Howard vault contains the bodies of Baron Audley who had served under Henry VIII and who had seen several of his Queens come and go. The Howard Vault was built by him and the Sanctuary inside the Church is raised, in order to accommodate such a grand vault as this.

Ten Earls of Suffolk and Lord Howard de Walden who served Elizabeth I and James I, is also interred here with his two wives.

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