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Tuesday 12 April 2011

Alchemical Symbol ?

Does anyone know what the symbol above represents ?
I have found similar glyphs to the one above, like the Alchemical symbol for 'Tin'

and also the symbol for the planet Jupiter,
however both of these are in reverse to the symbol above.

I have also taken a look at Cyrillic alphabets, Runes, and Occult symbols,
but so far, it's still a Mystery to me ? 


Many thanks goes to Henk van Kampen for putting this information my way.
I think that the symbol may be a Trading Symbol used by the Schoute family. And the Dirk Schoute whose headstone is featured here, shows him to be of the 4th generation of this family.
Please click the bold typed family name above for more info ~ Information is in Dutch.
Unfortunately I do not speak Dutch, so I'm unable to give anymore info and the Google translation always fails on this particular page.
If anyone would care to give any further updates, please leave a comment.


  1. Did you see the same symbol is used on the Schoute website, www.schoute.net? Maybe the webmaster of that site knows what it means.

  2. Thanks for that Henk,
    I shall go and investigate it further.

  3. I've just taken a look at the website and saw the symbol, unfortunately I don't speak or read any Dutch and the google translater failed.
    So I'm still none the wiser.......

  4. It does not mention the symbol anywhere on the site, I think. But it is displayed. There is an e-mail address on the front page (webmaster at etc), so you can contact the webmaster and ask.

    BTW, there is also a link "Bestel dit boek" that goes to an order form for the Schoute family book. The book has the same symbol on the cover.

  5. I believe this to be a runic monogram -when writing a runic monogram each letter is placed on top of another. Which runic alphabet this is from I haven't a clue. I'll dig out my book on the subject and see if I can create this symbol.

  6. Thank you both for your help in trying to solve this puzzle, I shall keep you informed of any developments....

  7. It might be the alchemical symbol of steel. It looks a lot like the symbol in the link below.
    Almost no alchemists used the exact same symbols, they always changed them a bit.

    I hope that it helped :)


  8. As far as I can tell, it s a combination of putrefaction and the elements, meaning: "physical decay".

  9. Its our family symbol "familiewapen"

  10. A lot more info you will find there https://www.themystica.com/alchemy-symbols/, it have very detailed guide about all of that and more like descriptive meaning.


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