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Saturday 19 March 2011

Whale Watching in the Cemetery !

These Whale tails, are a few of my favourite memorials and became one of the reasons for visiting this cemetery in the first place ~ I simply had to see them for myself.

I'll meet you on the other side
I'll meet you in the light
Don Enters
25~11~1958 17~04~2005

I've always liked the older symbolic, more elaborate Gothic style monuments, but my visit to the Zorgvlied last year, has opened up a whole new perspective on the contempary, more personal and individual styles that can be seen today.
The Zorgvlied demonstrates how well, the traditional and modern can exist side by side and retain all it's charm, style and tastefulness.  

Shine On.....
A.G. van der Weijden
16~10~1961     04~06~2005

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