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Tuesday 29 March 2011

Man's Best Friend

This memorial was erected
by the people of this borough
to Dr "Robin" PM Acheson
who cared for them 
from 1931 to 1959
and to Dr Nora
his wife
who died 1981
whilst still caring

Whilst walking along the seafront in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, we met Snooks, the beloved pet dog of Doctors Robin and Nora Acheson.
However, this is not the original 'Snooks', unfortunately he was stolen from his plinth in 2003. But he was obviously loved by more than just his owners, as the town had another one made to replace it.

This picture was taken in Februaury and as we have had a particularly cold winter this year, someone had kindly knitted poor Snooks a scarf which was wrapped around his neck. So before I could take this photograph, I had to remove it, and it goes without saying, that I securely replaced it when I was done.

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  1. Awwww..what a beautiful memorial! I'm sure the good doctors are smiling down on the wonderful town folk who so thoughtfully erected it!


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