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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Same Womb ~ Same Tomb

This is the grave of a
Brother and Sister
Francis Leyburn Yarker
Mabel Estelle Symmes
Same Womb  ~  Same Tomb

When I first saw this Epitaph, I couldn't help thinking that it was a little bit unsettling.

Arnold Francis Yarker ~ born in 1847, died 1896 ~ and Cecillia Mary Tully ~ born 1855 ~ were married in 1868. 
They had two children, a daughter Mabel Estelle ~ born in 1873 and a son Francis Leyburn ~ born in 1876 ~ who became a Private Law Tutor and who died in 1911 aged 35 years old.
It seems to appear by the change of surname that Mabel must have married, but I could not find any further information about her.

If they had not previously chosen to be buried together with this strange Epitaph, 
I wonder who did choose it and why ?.

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