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Monday 4 March 2013

Monday Mourning ~ A Lover of Justice to Animals

To the
 Memory of
Rachel Morgan
Dearly Beloved Wife of
Benjamin Howell
Who Passed Away
May 18 1920  Aged 43
A Noble Woman, A Staunch Friend
And a Lover of the Justice to Animals

Sir Benjamin
Howell Morgan
At Rest
July 16 1937
Love is the Fulfilling 
of the Law Rom 13.10

Josceline Menzies
Born 7.3.1924
Died 5.6.2007


Sir Benjamin Howell Morgan, Engineer, Economist and Author who served on numerous committees concerned with trade and the Empire.


  1. Fascinating --- and makes me want to know more about Rachel Morgan, especially!

  2. Yes it would be interesting to find out exactly what she did do...
    unfortunately I came up with nothing .


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