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Friday 8 March 2013

From the Customers

In Loving Memory
John Pilling
Died March 10th 1903
Aged 47 Years
also Margaret
Beloved Wife of the Above
Died Dec. 22nd 1919,
Aged 63 Years
also James, Arthur, Mary,
James Arthur & Martha
Beloved Children of the Above
who Died Young
also William Taylor,
Grandson of the above
Born Aug 16th 1903
Died March 10th 1905

Memories of Albert
From the Customers

I noticed this unusually large pillar style monument in Warrington Cemetery, Cheshire. I have seen others in a similar style but they tend to be only half the size of this one.

John Pillings grandson William Taylor, who is named on this monument, died on the same day as his Grandfather, some two years later aged two years old.

The monumental vase dedicated to 'Albert from the Customers', stands at the foot of the Pilling pillar and is a bit of a mystery, as there is no Surname for Albert and no other reference to him on the larger grave maker. 

I wonder what type of service Albert provide his 'Customers' with ?


  1. This is curious. I once photographed a memorial to a man from his employees, but I've never seen one from customers. !

  2. I tried to find out more about John Pilling, so that it might reveal who Albert was and perhaps what he did for a living....
    Sadly I have no more information on John, even though the Pilling name seems to be from this area and I did find others who could possibly have been relations, unfortunately I couldn't find any connections to the names above...


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