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Wednesday 20 March 2013

HMS Velox ~ Killed by Explosion

Loving Memory of
William Walter Allaby
Killed by Explosion on
H.M. Torpedo Destroyer Velox
Oct. 25th 1915 Aged 47 Years
Greater Love Hath No Man Than This'
That A Man Lay Down His Life
For His Country
Also Mary Ann Mottram
Niece of the Above
Died July 10th 1917 Aged 2 Years
Safe in the Arms of Jesus
Also Clara Beloved Wife of
William Mottram
Died April 17th 1935 Aged 60 Years
Rest in Peace
Also the Above Named William Mottram
Died March 18th 1953 Aged 78 Years

H.M.S Velox

HMS Velox was a Viper class British Torpedo Boat Destroyer and on the 25th October 1915 it was out on patrol as one of the Portsmouth Local Defence Flotilla destroyers when it hit a mine. Forty two of the Fifty four crew members were lost when the vessel sank. 
The Velox which means 'Swift' in Latin had  originally been named HMS Python and had been part of the Snake Class of Naval vessels along with HMS Viper and HMS Cobra. The vessel's name was changed in June 1902 when it was purchased by the Admiralty following the loss of the Viper and Cobra in 1901, the Royal Navy did not use snake names again for their destroyers.

Although I cannot be certain of the names of these crew members of HMS Velox shown in this picture, I do know that the Ship's Mascot was a monkey named Winnie. Who is seen here with it's head bandaged after having an abscess treated.

More Information of HMS Velox

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