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Monday 21 January 2013

Monday Mourning ~ Jolly Jumbo

In Loving Memory 
my Beloved Husband
 William Thomas Ecclestone
who Departed this Life
April 5th 1915 Aged 52 Years
Long days and nights he bore his pain
To wait for cure but all in vain
Till God above saw what was best
And took him home and gave him rest
Also Anne
Beloved wife of
Sol Goodman
who fell asleep May 22nd 1955
aged 89 Years
May her dear soul rest in peace

William Thomas Ecclestone was affectionately known as Jolly Jumbo, he weighed 38 stone and was regarded as 'The Second Heaviest Man in the World' at that time.
He was the owner of the Canterbury Arms Public House in West Kilburn, London and a local celebrity who needed a special pony and trap to move around in.
It is with some irony, that as a young man in the Army, he introduced exercises so effective that they became standard training and he later became a renown trainer of runners and boxers in the area.

Picture Taken Circa 1910 ~ Right to Left
Liver Davis ~ trainer: Jimmy Walsh ~ Bantam Weight Champion: Jolly Jumbo: 
Jack L.... : Unknown

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  1. Fascinating. I am interested in Jumbo as he was a member of the Belsize Boxing Club


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