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Friday 11 January 2013

Friday's Funerary Art ~ Death's Delicate Stone Flowers

These beautifully carved stone flowers are a true testament to the finest craft and artistry of the Master Stone Mason, not just because of their intricacy, but also because of their unusual uniqueness. They are weathered now, but would have been stunning in brilliant white marble when first done.
This monument in Bishops Stortford Cemetery in Hertfordshire is dedicated to three members of the Death Family, the fourth plate having been left blank.  

Requiescat in Pace
In Loving Memory of
Lydia Unwin Death
of 'The Cedars'
Bassingbourne, Cambs
who was accidentally killed
by a Motor ~ Cyclist at
on August 13th 1904
Aged 78
The Lord God Hath Given Rest

After he had served his own generation by the will of God he fell on sleep
In Loving Memory of
Woodham Death
of 'South Lodge' Thorley
who Died March 19 ~ 1889
Aged 81 years
'He giveth his beloved sleep'
Erected by his sorrowing niece
Sarah Death

An Old Disciple
In Loving Memory of
Sarah Death
of 'South Lodge'
Bps Stortford
who Passed away in
her sleep on the Eve
of her 94th Birthday
Februaury 18 ~ 1920
Born at
Burnt Mill, Essex
February 19 ~ 1827
This woman was full of good works

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