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Tuesday 6 September 2011

Ceramic Flowers

The ceramic flowers above come from various cemeteries in England, Wales and the Netherlands. They were particularly popular during Victorian times, providing an eternal floral tribute that ensured the graveside constantly appeared well tended, unlike fresh flowers that ultimately wither and die and would indicate how regularly the site was visited. 

The flowers themselves are made from sandstone and then brightly glazed in the Majolica style, it was a very popular pottery of it's time, and included a variety of decorative household items, from tableware to jardinieres and ornamental pieces.

It seems that France is now the main producer of these ceramic flowers, where there are many fine examples throughout the country's cemeteries. They are still exported worldwide today, with Australia importing them as they favour the European burial style.
Here are a few grand examples of ceramic flowers found at Pere Lachaise and Pons in France.

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  1. They are absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful idea too. I'm surprised at how good they still look considering how gravestones end up looking over time. Thanks for sharing!


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