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Tuesday 20 September 2011

Callosa d'En Sarria Cemetery, Valencia, Spain

We have just returned from a recent holiday to Valencia in Spain and I was rather interested in seeing some Spanish cemeteries whilst there, however locationing them proved to be more difficult as they seemed to be rather elusive.
Even in the larger towns, the usual signs for the 'Municipal Cementeri' were noticably absent.
So it was with a sense of delight, that we accidentally discovered the cemetery of Callosa d'En Sarria whilst visiting some local waterfalls. On a small quiet road, well outside the town, we spotted the cemetery by chance as we waited at the crossroads.  

The tall white walls that surround the Cemetery, do not allow passers by to see what is beyond them, even the gates above, can only be seen from outside when they are locked. It's only a small sign on the wall above that gives any indication as to what this place may be.

Imagine our surprise to find this beautifully tended oasis of peaceful greenery, on such a hot and dusty day.

A few mausoleums lined the main avenue of cypress trees that led from the gates and apart from a few graves dotted about on the lawns, the majority of tombs are wall vaults that stand 3 or 4 high.

As the cemetery expands, new areas have been built to accomodate future interments.

Spain is traditionally a Catholic country, so many of the carvings on the memorials are of a devoutly religious nature.

However one or two of the more modern ones did show the interests of those they were dedicated to. I shall include them in future posts.

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