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Thursday 25 August 2011

A Very Eclectic Cemetery

Oosterbeek Cemetery in Arnhem, Netherlands, is divided into two seperate but adjacent halves. The older 'South' site was established in 1899, with the newer 'North' site dating from 1957, when the original cemetery reached it's maximum capacity.

The 'South' site is laid out in a neat and formal style of orderly rows, divided by low box hedges and avenues of mature fir trees.

The 'North' site has informal winding pathways, where the grave sites are set amongst a more natural heath and woodland background.

The interment of Ashes may also be placed in one of a selection of different eclectic styles, such as the tumulus burial mounds of ancient times, made from wood chippings instead.

Or the modern ceramic 'cotton reel' and 'jar' type containers that rest securely in their own custom built table tops.

So whether you prefer the tradtional and conventional or the more natural or modern, the overwhelming peace and tranquility that can be found in the Oosterbeek Cemeteries, ensures that it certainly can provide a suitable place for everyone.    


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