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Tuesday 23 August 2011

Man's Best Friend

I discovered this life sized faithful friend at the Oosterbeek Cemetery in Arnhem, Netherlands. He is about the same size as a New Foundland dog, so he's pretty big and beautifully detailed. I loved the way that the earth had spilled out of the bowl on this monument, as though he had been digging in it, as dogs do........

His Masters name is
Sebo H. Wildringh


  1. So beautiful, you will find no friend more loyal nor more loving than a dog...my dogs got me through four surgeries, loss of job and income, chronic pain and the depression associated with a disability, anxiety, insecurity, loneliness and isolation. my dogs, the are friend & family.

    Thank you for posting this

  2. I'm a dog person too and you're right, they are wonderful companions.


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