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Monday 1 August 2011

Monday Mourning ~ Tomb Styles

Coffin Tomb

The Coffin tomb has a main body that is coffin shaped and the three above also have head and foot stones. The ones pictured here all belong to the same family and the smaller one in the middle contains two children of that family.

Here is another example of Coffin tombs from the same churchyard, where the main stone has a rounded top and is a tapered coffin shape, these examples also have head and foot stones as well.  

The Coffin tombs above are in the Churchyard of Holy Trinity, a Church of England parish church in Rayleigh, Essex. A church has existed on this site since Saxon times and the present building has a Norman chancel. The bell tower was built in the 15th century and includes stone taken from the castle when that fell into disuse. The church has an impressive Tudor brick porch. The Gothic Revival architect, C.C. Rolfe restored the chancel in 1873.

More coffin tombs, this time from St.Mary's Church in Saffron Walden, Essex.


  1. Those are cool. I have found coffin shaped before but nothing as pretty as the top ones.

  2. They are rather handsome examples and not as common as the ones below them, which I come across quite often in churchyards.

  3. I've never had a desire to travel over seas until I started reading your blog! The coffin vaults combines with a head and foot stone make for a lovely resting place.

  4. These are wonderful. They make me curious to see the other monuments in this churchyard.

  5. There are some superb coffin-shaped gravestones in Lindsell churchyard, Essex


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