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Monday 23 May 2011

Monday Mourning ~ Tomb Styles

Altar Tomb


An Altar Tomb like the one above in St.Peter and St. Pauls Churchyard is similar in shape to the plain, rectangular box of the Chest Tomb. However the Altar Tomb, which may be raised on a stepped plinth is more ornamental and often decorated with foliage and family crests on its sides and lid, it may even bear the sleeping effigy of the deceased and have an architecural canopy above it.

On Lid:
In Loving Memory of
Henry Pearle
who died at Dane House January 19th 1911
aged 93 years
His end was Peace, Peace Perfect Peace

On front:
Here Rests
The body of Ann Pearle
the beloved and loving wife of
Henry Pearle of Blunts Hall
who died Feb. 23rd 1892

Unfortunately I did not discover much about the Pearles, but found out something interesting about Blunt Hall, where the Pearles had lived.

Frank was not cut out for shop work and was dismissed as branch manger when his father caught him riding a bicycle around the shop. He was then sent to work on the farm of a family friend where he became successful. Blunt Hall Farm was purchased in 1902 and it was from here that he began suppling Eggs and Poultry to the family shop. Sainsburys is now one of the largest chains of Supermarkets in this country. 

Click on Frank's name under the photograph for more information on the Sainsbury Family.

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