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Thursday 5 May 2011

Baron Brownlow ~ Cust Family Vault

This grand tomb, belonging to the Cust Family, stands in the churchyard of St.Peter and St. Paul's Parish Church, that adjoins the Brownlow Cust 
Family's Ancestral home, Belton House in Lincolnshire.  

Belton House is now owned by The National Trust

Although I took these and a few other photos of interest whilst visiting Belton. My picture of this stone tablet inside the vault, has not turned out as legible as I'd hoped for, so reading it has been made difficult. The inscription on it below, is the best that I can decipher at the moment, but we will return there and I will update this post later.

Beneath this Shrine are deposited the mortal remains of,
Charles William Duke of Buccleuch and ?
and wife of the Hon. Peregrine Francis Cust ME
by the fatal progress of an unrelenting ?
after child-birth on the sixth anniversary of their marriage
She died on the 29th year of her age

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  1. You always post the most interesting photos! These are great.

  2. These photos are sensational!


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