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Wednesday 4 May 2011

Flat Pack Tombs

I imagined that these tombs have been stacked like this, due to them becoming unstable and dangerous. Although they may be safer, they reminded me of Flat Pack furniture ~ a DIY tombstone erecting Option.
They 'stand ~ lay' in the Churchyard of St. Wulframs in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

There are only two churches in England that bear the name of St. Wulframs, the other being in Ovingdean, Sussex. 
St. Wulfram is a patron Saint that protects against the 'Dangers of the Sea', which seems an odd choice of Saint for the mainly agricultural people of Grantham ~ with the coast being at least 36 miles away.


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  1. I love cemeteries, especially the older ones. I lived in Scotland for a few years, the cemeteries were magnificent. I'm back in America now, Pittsburgh, PA and there's a lovely Cemetery close to my house where I go to read, write or just to think. Thank you for sharing your blog and pictures. I am desperately missing the UK. I wish I could move back but my husband who was British passed away and I never got residency status.



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