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Wednesday 9 February 2011

Cemetery Ornaments to be Banned

The subject of Graveside Ornamentation is an issue of personal taste and choice.

In the wonderful book Falling Angels by Tracy Chevalier, this subject became a very personal issue in the Victorian age, with the type of ornamentation, reflecting not only a matter of good taste, but also the class from which one came from. It defined the lines between being 'tasteful' versus 'common and vulgar'.

The debate is still an on going issue today, with Colchester cemetery in Essex, making the news with their policy on banning and removing certain items of ornamentation.

In Britain, most Churchyard interments, favour more conservative regulations, including specific monument size, design and certain wording allowed.
By comparison, Cemeteries in general are more liberal and lenient with their rules and regulations and therefore make them the preferred option for those who wish to be more creative in their expression of grief, such as these Travellers graves in Chelmsford.

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