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Thursday 23 January 2014

When Monuments Watch You

Le Docteur
Guy Pitchal
Nous A Quittes 
~ he left us ~
26th February 1989
1922 ~ 1989

Doctor Guy Pitchal was a Psychoanalyst who was known for his work with many French celebrities, including the singer Dalida whose own monument is not far from this one. 
It makes perfect sense to me, that a psychoanalyst should have such a fascinating monument that highlights how we perceive the world around us, by proving that things are not always as we think they appear to be.   

Sadly the quality of this short clip is pretty poor, as the pathways are cobbled and this made filming and maintaining your balance whilst walking was rather difficult. But it shows how the concave face becomes convex as it appears to turn and watch you as you pass by.

Guy Pitchal

Click on this link to understand the Hollow Face Illusion 

Below is another example of how we perceive using our right and left hand sides of the brain.  



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