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Friday 10 June 2011

Winged Wheel

In loving memory
Beatrice Blore Browne ( Bee )
Born September 26th 1887
Died November 23rd 1921
She feared naught but God

Beatrice ~ Bee ~ was born in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire and died in
Delamere, Penmaenmawr at the age of 34 years old.
Beatrice became a maverick of her time, when she drove a Singer 10hp car up the Old Road on the Great Orme circa 1911. It drew the attention of the press and onlookers, who wondered whether she would make it.

It may have been this, that drew the attention of George Wilkins Browne.
In December 1920, he became the first person to drive a car both up and down Snowdon. He drove up and down the railway track in an Angus Sanderson 14hp car. This event was filmed for cinema audiences. The ascent took 1 hour 22 mins, the descent 1 hour 5 mins.

The link below shows a Pathe Film of the event at the same time.
Driving up Snowdon in the 1920's  

In 1920, Beatrice Blore changed her name by deed poll and added the surname of Browne. Her death in November 1921 at the early age of 34, was due to cancer of the liver and breast, which she had been been suffering from for the previous two years.
Her unique gravestone has kept her memory alive, a reminder of a woman keen to push the boundaries of what it was considered acceptable for women to do.


  1. The grave marker alone is fascinating--ahh, but the story. That puts it in context and makes it even more special. Thanks for sharing!

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