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Friday 17 June 2011

Fridays Funerary Symbols ~ Curtains

The symbolism of Curtains or Drapes, represents the divide between the world of the living and that of the next, as in the saying ~ Beyond the Veil. Whilst the purpose of a curtain may be that of concealment, it may also be used as a form of protection.
The veil that covered the Ark of the Covenant, was intended to protect mortals from its radiance.
I had not seen such good examples of Curtains until I found these two similar examples.
Surprisingly I found them on the same day, the first one in Wales and the other in England.

In Loving Memory of
the beloved wife of
Benjamin Jones
Green Bank, Augusta St., Llandudno
who died August 17th 1897
Aged 57 years
also of
Benjamin Jones
Died ~ to worn to read
also of
Eliza Jane Evans
Died Jan. 18th 1928
Aged 62 years 

 In Loving Memory of
Sarah Ellen
the dearly beloved daughter of
Andrew & Rachel
born January 15th 1872
died August 21st 1875
Jesus called a little child unto him
Thomas Alfred
their dearly beloved son
born May16th 1877 died May17th 1899
Thy Will Be Done
the dearly beloved wife of
Andrew Millinger
born June 13th 1844 died October 1918
He giveth his beloved sleep
Also the above named
Andrew Millinger
died April ?  Aged 87 years


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