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Tuesday 3 August 2010

Old Stones

I usually prefer to visit Cemeteries rather than Churchyards, because they have fewer rules on the types of monument that an individual is allowed to have. Churchyards often insist on maintaining a relatively similar group of stones, with an often censored selection of wording, whereas Cemeteries allow their occupants and there loved ones an opportunity to exhibit their creative flair in subtle or more flamboyant ways.
Whilst visiting Leicestershire at the weekend, I spotted these Churchyard tombstones which looked rather old and I simply had to add them to the collection.

St.Andrews, Coston, Leics

Here lies the body of
Anne the wife of
William Judd. She
died Mar: 31 1728
Her Age 73 years
She loved ............

St. Andrew's Church, Coston, Leics

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