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Thursday 5 August 2010

Old Stones II

Although not as old as the stone in my previous post, these two stones had some fascinating symbols on them and were in St. Mary's Churchyard, Garthorpe, Leicestershire and just a few miles down the road from the Church featured in 'Old Stones'.

Prepare to meet thy God

Father Time is depicted as carrying a large Scythe, for the business of harvesting Souls and also carries an Hourglass which represents the passage of time.
The Skull and bones are a symbol of mortality and the Lily depicts Purity and Innocence. 

The inscription appears to read: Clanget Mortuq Resurg??

However I could find no translation of the words above and have no idea as to their meaning. 
The two trumpets appearing from the clouds represents the first and second call to resurrection on the Day of Judgement.
The Pyramid is generally a symbol of Hope and a means for mortals to climb to heaven, however I discovered that the broken pyramid can represent the birth of New World Order ( also a Masonic symbol and reference ), which all fits in with the Day of Reckoning theme. The winged skull is the flight from mortality and the tumbling Crown denotes a Christian Martyr.   

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