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Friday 11 April 2014

Talking Tombstones of Föhr ~ Do Not Break My Grave.....

So Do Not Break My Grave As It Will Awaken Me In Time

Here lies Blessed Commander 
Simon Tuhis Pootans ~ Midlum ~ 
who was born 23rd Oct.1742 in Wrixum
His first marriage is told on the reverse side
3rd Jan. 1783 he married a second time Gontje Martinen from Midlum
with whom he lived well for  ? years.
He died 17th March 1792 aged 49 years.
His wife Gontje Simons 
was born 14th June in Alkersum 
and died 14th March 1819 at the age of 80 years.

Death Can Only Give Us That Wishing Souls are Living.


  1. Now that headstone is a work of Art, love the ship on it

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  3. Great blog you've got here :)


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