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Tuesday 26 July 2011

Victoria Cross for Todger Jones

In Memory of
Thomas Alfred
Jones V.C.  D.C.M
The 22nd Cheshire
V.C won at Morval
25th Sept. 1916

Died 30th Jan. 1956
aged 75 years

Thomas Alfred Jones was affectionately known locally as 'Todger Jones' and was born on the 25th December 1880.
He was a Private in the 22nd Cheshire Regiment and won 3 medals for bravery during the 1st World War, the Distinguished Conduct Medal, Territorial Efficiency Medal and the Victoria Cross ~ the highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

Todger Jones was awarded the V.C on 26th October 1916 after he had performed an act of bravery on 25 September 1916 during the Battle of Morval.
Private Jones was with his company covering the advance in front of a village, when he noticed an enemy sniper 200 yards away. He left his trench on his own, and crossed no man's land without covering fire. Although one bullet went through his helmet and another through his coat, he returned the sniper's fire and killed him.

Near the enemy trench, Jones noticed two more Germans who were displaying a white flag whilst simultaneously firing at him, he shot them both. Upon reaching the enemy trench unharmed, he found several occupied dug-outs and single-handedly disarmed 102 Germans including four officers, and the entire trench was marched back to British lines through a heavy barrage by Jones and his comrades.

'TodgerJones' Victoria Cross is displayed at the Cheshire Military Museum in Chester, England and another memorial to him and two other local men of the area who also received V.C.'s can been seen in Victoria Park, Widnes, Cheshire.


  1. Amazing story, what a brave man!

  2. And he lived to tell the tale....
    Unfortunately so many VC's were awarded posthumously.


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