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Friday 21 January 2011

Friday's Funerary Artist

Eugenie Godefroy Werners
11-11-1944       27-01-2008

Zorgvlied, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Here are some of Eugenie's Paintings

Reflectie Regenboog



To see more work, please click here

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  1. I can't seem to find your emaill addy any where. So this is unrelated to your blogg post. Some time bag you posted a comment on my blog about Christian C Sager. you sai "Thanks for this Tammi, it cetainly is interesting, especially as I have a very dear friend who currently lives very near to where Christian Sager was born. Her family also had a furniture making business there several generations back and I wonder if the families would have known of each other.
    I shall have to make enquiries." I've been echanging emails with a decendant of his and she was currious what town you were referring to.
    you can email me back at nailgal123@gmail.com.


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