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Wednesday 20 October 2010

Wednesday's Child

I came across this memorial at Manor Park and was instantly struck by this cherubs face, so I ended up taking quite a few photos from different angles. It fascinated me because it appears to be such a very 'real' if somewhat serious face and quite unlike the usual generic faces on most angels and cherubs.
I really felt saddened when I finally left it, almost as though I was abandoning it in some kind of way. So if the face is too old to be that of baby Joan Irene Simms, could it be that of a child the stonemanson knew and modeled it on instead ?
What do you think ? 

Family Grave of Frederick & Elizabeth Simms

In Affectionate Remembrance of
Our Darling Baby
Joan Irene Simms
who was taken from us April 12th 1927
aged 2 years  & 9 months

Also William - Father of Frederick Simms J.P.
who passed away January 5th 1915
aged 59 years

In Loving Memory of Frederick
a Devoted Husband and Father
who passed away 6th June 1957
aged 65 years
Ever thoughtful, faithful, kind and true
Selfishness he never knew
His thoughts were for others to the last
We shall miss him sadly, till our lives have passed

In Loving Memory of Anne ( Nickie )
daughter of Frederick
who left us suddenly on December 6th 1961
aged 43 years
Always in our thoughts

On the two books in the foreground

Left side:
In treasured memory of
Winifred Northfield ( nee Simms )
devoted wife of Denis and
Mother of Anne
who passed away 4th March 1968
aged 44 years

Right side:
Elizabeth Simms
beloved daughter of Frederick and Elizabeth
passed away ? 

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