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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sawmiller of Nieblum

To the day of the happy Resurrection here lie
the earthly remains of Peter Friedrichs
of Nieblum, having been a Sawmiller for many long years.
Who was born in the year of 1754 on the 25th December
in Langeness and who had been a widow for 10 years
before his death and coped with many adversities. 
Enduring illness for 8 weeks he passed on the 11th February 1817.

In the carving, above the windmill you can see a crown shaped indentation, where a metal crown embellishment would have beeen secured, it must have looked very grand in its day.
On the right hand side of the mill, is a single plant with two different types of flower heads upon it. The bell shaped flowers represent male relatives, whilst the round flowers represent female relatives, those with broken stems, indicate those who have already died.  



  1. That's some impressive gravestone carving. Wow.

  2. Thank you for posting some of the most amazing headstones I have ever seen. They are beautiful. Do you have more photos of the heard stones from Fohr? My family is from Fohr and I've been searching but haven't found anything.


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