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Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Rt Hon. The Lord Colwyn ~ 2nd Baron of Colwyn

Loving Memory of
My Dear Husband
The Right Hon.
The Lord Colwyn
Who Died 31st May 1966
Aged 51 Years

Frederick John Vivian ~ Ian ~ Smith2nd Baron Colwyn was born on 26 November 1914.
He was the son of Hon. Frederick Henry Hamilton Smith and Hilda Ross.

He was educated at Malvern College in Worcestershire. During the Second World War he gained the rank of Captain in the service of the 2nd Battalion, Gordon Highlanders, where he was wounded. 
He became a Stockbroker after the war and succeeded to the title of 2nd Baron Colwyn, of Colwyn Bay, co. Denbigh, on 26 January 1946.

He married three times, firstly to Miriam Gwendoline Ferguson in December 1940 and they divorced in 1951. They had two sons, Ian Anthony Hamilton~Smith, 3rd Baron Colwyn who was born in January 1942 and Timothy Hamilton~Smith, born in June 1944.

His second marriage to Hermione Sophia O'Bryen Hoare in July 1952 ended in divorce in 1954, he then married for a third time to Beryl Walker in January 1955. 

He died on 29 May 1966 at age 51.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Struck By Lightning

In Memory of
Beloved Wife of
Albert Donald Humphris
Who Was Killed By Lightning
on 30th May 1949
In Loving Memory of
Who Died 11th October 1982
Much Loved Husband of
Joan Franklin Humphris
Requiescat in Pace

I think it seems like such a tragic accident, that after surviving the Second World War, Mrs Helen Humphris was killed by lightning. 

About 24,000 people are killed around the world every year by lightning and another 240,000 are injured. In the UK between 30 and 60 people are typically struck by lightning every year. 

From 1852 to 1859 there was an annual average of 19 lightning fatalities. The figure dropped to 12 deaths from 1900 to 1949, then five a year from 1950 to 1999. 

Since then it has fallen to about three per year, due to fewer people working outdoors and better awareness of the risks. 

In the UK you are 600 times more likely to die in a road accident than from lightning strike, twice as likely to die froma Bee sting or a falling tree and 130 times more likely to drown.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Talking Tombstones of Föhr ~ Do Not Break My Grave.....

So Do Not Break My Grave As It Will Awaken Me In Time

Here lies Blessed Commander 
Simon Tuhis Pootans ~ Midlum ~ 
who was born 23rd Oct.1742 in Wrixum
His first marriage is told on the reverse side
3rd Jan. 1783 he married a second time Gontje Martinen from Midlum
with whom he lived well for  ? years.
He died 17th March 1792 aged 49 years.
His wife Gontje Simons 
was born 14th June in Alkersum 
and died 14th March 1819 at the age of 80 years.

Death Can Only Give Us That Wishing Souls are Living.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Talking Tombstones of Föhr ~ Boldixsum, Germany

Here rests in God
Seel Lobbe ~ last name is not legible
Daughter Anna so born 1711 the 15th
June. Married to the Shipman Nikels Jappen
1735 the 30th December. 
During the marriage were born 2 daughters and after
the husband died in 1740 in November 
during a journey to St. Valert,
she walked into another marriage
to Commander Namen Frerck 1744 the 4th December.

Unfortunately the remaining information on this stone is underground. 

It is a fine example of the 'Talking Tombstones of Föhr' ~ a North Frisian Island off the coast of Germany ~ The tombstones are so called because of the amount of personal information they contain and the carvings upon them also depict a wealth of information too.

Pictured above we can see the woman ascending to heaven with the five daughters from her second marriage looking on from one side and her first two daughters looking on from the other side and are shown smaller and lower.

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