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Sunday, 3 October 2010


As we passed by St. Katharine's church, I noticed this headstone and recognised the shape of it immediately. I asked my friend Chrissie to stop the car so that I could go and investigate ( my friends are extremely tolerant of my interest in tombstones and cemeteries and will wait patiently, whilst I whip out my camera and do my thing ) unfortunately the inscription is so worn as to be illegible.
So this headstone may belong to either a devoted Boy Scout or maybe a Scout Leader.

St. Katharine's, Ickleford, Bedfordshire

The Fleur~de~Lys symbol with two stars, is the International emblem of The Scouting Association, it is often accompanied with the motto 'Be Prepared'.

And here is another Scout from Southend-on-Sea, Essex

In Ever Loving Remembrance
of our dear son
Roland William Steward
who passed on 5th October 1938
aged 16 years
also the Father of the above
Victor William Steward
who died 26th May 1959
aged 68 years
Loved By All
also a beloved wife and Mother
Florence Steward
reunited on 2nd September 1969
aged 79 years

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